How to guide yourself through life

Growing up, I remember vaguely seeing my parents discuss things but it wasn’t until I was a young adult that I really paid attention to what they were talking about and specifically to how my mom would handle my dad. 

I remember I was at their house one night and my dad was sitting at the kitchen table, trying to make up his mind on one business path or the other. He was torn based on the pros and cons of each. I specifically remember my mom suddenly saying “That! That’s the one you keep brightening up on. Do that.” 

My dad lit up on the idea of taking that path, because in actuality, it was the path he kept lighting up on during the whole conversation!  Meaning, it was the path HE truly wanted to take, which he already knew deep down. But something inside was tugging at him, making it hard to really accept it and go that way. I realized when my mom pointed it out to him, that it was true! He HAD been lighting up on that path every time he talked about it, and the other path seemed to have some drudgery connected with it. 

Once she said that, it was obvious to me and my dad which path was the one to take. I hadn’t paid attention to the little subtleties of it before, but once I saw it, there was no mistaking it. Every time he talked about that option his face would light up, he would get more up-beat, his voice would get jolly, etc. It was clear! I don’t know why I hadn’t even thought of that before!

But that’s when it hit me and has stuck with me ever since. You have to do what indicates. You have to do what makes you happy. You can’t go along in life, following someone else’s dreams, demands, hopes or wishes. You really do have to go with what lights you up in life. That way you’ll have no drudgery, no questions if you’re doing the right thing, no wonderings, etc. You’ll know what’s best for you, and if you do that, it will all come out all right. 

I wish you the best in guiding yourself through your life based on what rings true for you. 

Have fun!

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