Organizing your Life… be Ready for Some kickback!

Welp, it turns out I had the wrong day today! I thought my presentation was today! Lol! 

I did everything to get there ready and on time as a 9 month pregnant mom with a toddler… and it was the wrong day! 😂

I can laugh now but I definitely almost cried when I saw what I had done!

But I just wanted to share this so you know, yes things aren’t always perfect. Running your own company, no matter the size, or even running a family… there will be mistakes and failures but just learn to grow from them or even recognize that it’s just part of putting order into your life! You try to organize things and make them better and you’re always going to end up with some kickback. Always. So just embrace it, make the best of it, and know that it means you’re growing! 

Today I got to have extra time with my toddler and we’ll do it all again tomorrow! And that’s ok! 💞

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